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Accept payments directly on your Android phone with all the speed and security of a traditional terminal.

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Who benefits?

Spend more time engaging with your customers.

You run a florist shop downtown, and you pride yourself on exceptional customer service, enjoying one-on-one connections with your clients. Your clients are busy people, and your salespeople are often servicing clients at the checkout, meaning they miss out on opportunities to engage and sell to clients who are moving about the store.

If there was a way to engage customers and manage checkout functions remotely, you’d not only improve service but also drive up sales.

Save time, money, and space by not having to rely on external hardware.

Your food truck sells hot dogs and coffee at music festivals in the summer, and during certain times, it gets busy fast. Terminals take days to be delivered, need to be set up, and require a monthly fee and fixed-term contract.

The cost of using terminals is more than you can afford, particularly given the seasonal nature of your work. Relying on hardware has cost your business in time, money, and space.

A secure, reliable way to accept in-person payments.

You’re a personal trainer and your wife is a yoga instructor. Together, you’ve built a successful little business running health classes and bootcamp sessions out of the local park. Classes are casual. Your clients don’t need to book in advance. They just show up the day of and pay cash at the end of each session.

Soon, this arrangement becomes an inconvenience because it requires your clients to take a trip to the ATM before each session.

Small business payments for trade services

Improve your cash flow. No more chasing outstanding invoices.

You operate a busy electrical business with 15 electricians, completing 2- 4 jobs per day. After each electrician completes a job, they manually fill out an invoice in a carbon copy, paper-based invoice book. When they return to the warehouse at the end of the day, they hand in their invoice books to Sally, who has to enter each handwritten invoice into your system.

That's 30-60 invoices per day or 150-300 invoices per week.

The latest technology in the palm of your hand

Felix.Terminal is a first-generation Tap-to-Phone payment technology, designed and built to provide maximum convenience and flexibility for both merchants and customers. Coupled with the advanced security features of the cloud, our technology will reduce your hardware costs and set-up time, letting you get down to what you do best: running your business.


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